NBN Myths

NBN Myths – Debunked

The National Broadband Network has become so politicised that the truth of the matter has become a casualty of politics. We view this as a tragedy because the advantages for an area in regional Queensland are enormous. Townsville can finally have the same telecommunication standards as those living in larger cities. Small to medium sized businesses that work with information no longer have the disadvantage of distance, consumers can access information at an equal level to those in bigger cities.

NBN Myth 1 – NBN Cost of Install

One of the most common myths we hear is that installation of NBN is expensive. Under the original scheme by the prior government the vast majority of costs were borne by NBN Co. Currently there are murmurs that the new proposed model of “Fibre to the Node” will cost consumers for installation costs. Luckily so far we haven’t seen this technology rolled out.One of the myths of the NBN is that it is expensive

When installing a NBN connection into a home (or small business) currently only in a very small number of cases additional costs will be incurred, and that is likely due to the location of the current equipment being substandard.

So for most of us:

  • You do not need a new router – your current one is likely to be able to plug straight into the NBN connection
  • You do not need additional cabling. Your current systems cabling should work perfectly fine
  • You do not need a new home phone (handset).

NBN Myth 2 – The NBN is an additional cost

We have seen claims that people need to now have an internet connection as the copper lines will be cut-off. This is untrue as the NBN fibre connection also supports telecommunications (e.g phones) other than the internet. In fact the phone line connections through the NBN are likely to cheaper for most consumers. One such phone only plan advertised is $29.95 a month, with all local and STD (long distance) calls being 10 cents untimed. For many consumers this is less than a standard phone

So for the majority of people the NBN is not an additional cost, but could result in a saving if they shop around.

NBN Myth 3 – NBN Internet Plans are expensive

Some reports in the media focus on the costs of the internet plans. They talk about $70-$80 a month for NBN connections. While these plans exist, they are actually for the higher end of the spectrum of users.

We have looked at a large amount of different plan costs between NBN and ADSL, and we believe that you should be paying similar or slightly less than your old internet plan. While the quality of the individual internet service providers (ISP’s) may vary, the quality of the connection will remain high across all providers since they use the same network. Therefore it has become easier to pick a new ISP, you really just need to look at their costs and quality of customer support, where before you needed to see if the ISP’s connection to the internet was up to scratch.

Currently the cheapest plan we have seen for NBN Internet connection was $29.95 a month (Skymesh). What that included was speeds well above the average ADSL connection and data allowances in line with fairly good ADSL plans.  Australia has a great website to find ISP’s, namely Whirlpool.   We encourage you to look around and do your research as you could save thousands over the term of a NBN plan.

NBN Myth 4 – The technology is only for downloading faster

While it is indeed true that the NBN increases download speeds for consumers and businesses, the increase in speed for some local Townsville computer users is not as massive as it might first appear.  A very good ADSL2 connection will be capable of sending data at close to 20 MB/s. Upgrading to a low-level NBN plan will only provide 12 or 25 MB/s.  Therefore it is only a marginal speed increase for some.  What is significantly better is the upload speed of the NBN.  At best ADSL2 connections offer upload speeds at 1 MB/s, nothing more can be offered.  The NBN offers speeds starting at 1 MB/s and reaching 40 MB/s.   The speed increase on uploads will affect how local businesses can send content across the world.   In many cases a local Townsville content provider will be sending data 80 times faster to their clients than previously.  This issue transforms how small business can offer information services to the world.


So the NBN doesn’t have to cost you more. Most clients so far have remarked how in the end of the day they will be saving money by moving to VOIP phones and getting rid of the $30 month “line rental” and the costs of calls being reduced.

If you need help with the NBN, whether understanding your options, picking a plan or just connecting your devices we have a full range of computer services available to assist you. Our Townsville technical support includes looking for the right plans and technologies to save you money.