Townsville NBN Rollout

Townsville NBN Rollout

We will do our best to keep this information current for the residents of Townsville as the NBN rollout occurs. At the moment there is major changes to the planned rollout method and technologies of the NBN. This will obviously cause delays and uncertainties in the timelines of installations. While a large number of Townsville suburbs such as Aitkenvale, Cranbrook, Hyde Park, North Ward, Railway Estate,Hermit Park and West End already have NBN Fibre installed to their homes, the remaining suburbs continue to see progress in the coming months.  We can install the last part of the NBN in your home (actually connecting your home computer and other devices to the unit on the wall), much cheaper than most ISP’s are currently offering!   Don’t forget about the opportunity to move your phone to VOIP.  It works extremely well on NBN and saves plenty of money.

*Update 21 July 2014*

NBN Co has announced that work has build preparation has commenced at West End, and Garbutt for fibre connections to the home. Also in the same media announcement build construction has started in the following suburbs Kirwan, Thuringowa Central, Cranbrook, Hyde Park, Pimlico, Hermit Park, for Fibre to the home.  Lastly Bluewater and East Toolakea’s build construction for fixed wireless has commenced.

1. The First Step is to locate your home or business

Townsville NBN Rollout MapNBN Co. have a tool on their website that allows you to enter your address, and they will provide a map with the current status of the rollout in your area. Areas shaded in purple indicate that the NBN rollout has finished, and connections should be available in those areas.

Link – NBN Co. Rollout Map

For the address we entered, the website indicates that services are available, and the site prompts you to “Find a service provider now” by clicking on the blue button above the map.

Weekly updates are available from NBN Co. by following this link

For whatever reason that source has been removed, probably because it was so useful at discovering where the rollout had reached in the previous week.   Try this site instead.

NBN Rollout Updates

2. The Next Step is to Find a Service Provider

NBN Co., then provides you with a list of current NBN Internet providers that service your area. Townsville NBN ISP ListThe list is sorted alphabetically, and is now becoming quite extensive in the number of providers available.

At this stage, I would advise that you start a somewhat lengthy search to find the right provider to suit your particular needs. NBN isn’t just about “the internet” it provides all telecommunications to your home or business. When the NBN rollout in your area is finished, approximately 6 months later the standard copper connection that you probably use for your phone will be disconnected. Therefore you need to consider your phone provider and your internet provider at the same time.

Every person uses telecommunications differently, whether you are a single person, a young family, have teenage children or you are an older couple at home. Therefore approaching companies that you trust with information on both your prior phone usage patterns (from bills is probably best) and your data usage on the internet, will provide you with the best tools to negotiate with the providers.

A couple points to note at this stage are:

  • Your internet usage may increase due to the availability of better connections.


  • It has come to my attention that the router that Telstra is supplying lately in my view is a horrible router (as it is supplied).  The Technicolor routers supplied, from the sources I have seen on Whirlpool forums, have some features locked out which are essential if you need to alter the setup.   Look for an alternate router!


  • If you use Youtube and other online video sources, these programs may detect a better connection and send you a better quality of data, increasing your monthly use.


  • VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol phone solutions work extremely well across the NBN. They may offer you massive savings, as many VOIP solutions treat STD (long distance) phone calls as local calls. With many VOIP solutions you do not need a new phone, they can plug directly into your network device. Forget the poor performance of VOIP of old, with better data quality they work as well as, and often better than your old phone line.


  • Some providers will want to “lock” you into a plan. There are some major reputable providers that have no “lock in” plans.  Think carefully whether you can move your home phone to VOIP as it will likely save you money.


  • There are savings to be made by looking at the medium sized providers, rather than the biggest two (Telstra and Optus). Check to see how long each company has operated for, search around the Internet for reviews of their services and support.


  • You *may* need a new router, but you may not as well. Routers often sold as part of the packages are available cheaper if you purchase them separately.  In most cases your current router will work perfectly fine.

Well thats is about it for finding a NBN service provider.

Completely confused? Or don’t want to spend the time to sort out what you need? We offer Townsville computer services where we provide NBN installation services at very reasonable rates to do the hard work for you.

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