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Townsville New Computer Advisory Services


Townsville Information Technology Services can provide professional advice on new computer sales, helping you purchase your new computer with a minimum of fuss. With over 20 years’ experience in both the commercial Townsville New Computer Services Laptop Desktops PC'sand consumer services we bet we can find the right new computer for you. With our advice you can feel assured that you will have the right information to meet your new computer needs while saving you money.

We sort through the marketing gimmicks and other sales information to work out what will give the best value for money. Matching your needs to your computer is the best way to ensure that you get the longest life possible out of your computer, too often a few dollars spent in the right place on a new computer will result in a longer useful life.  Taking into consideration the environmental factors as well as how you use a computer is much more likely to get satisfaction in the longer term.

Too often we see people being ripped off by salespeople, buying either something too expensive for their needs or technology too underpowered and unable to provide a useful working experience to the user.  Most importantly we consider the correct warranty to meet your needs will reduce stresses if something goes wrong in the future.  Too many suppliers are willing to take you for a ride.  Our new computer consultancy services are designed to overcome this problem, we leverage our experience to find the right computer to match your needs from the most reputable suppliers that we have experiences with.

What we provide?

  • Customised computer recommendations based on your needs.Townsville new computer purchasing and computer repair services
  • A variety of recommended computer vendors for your needs.
  • A variety of new computer prices to suit your needs.
  • Detailed information on your technology needs – minimum specifications.
  • Companies most likely to fix your new computer with the least amount of fuss.

Why Townsville Information Technology Services?

  • We do not sell the products or profit from the recommendations.  We are independant from the manufacturers and new computer retailers.
  • Save your valuable time. Save hours and hours of effort finding the right new computer and then chasing companies for quotes on the new computer.
  • No kickbacks. No agreements with suppliers. We ONLY work for you.
  • With most new computer requests we aim to save you MORE than our fee.
  • We have experience with all types of consumers, from a first computer purchase right through to extreme gaming setups.
  • Experience with a large number of suppliers and knowledge of their track record, laptops and PC’s.
  • Knowledge of what is marketing rubbish and what is actually useful.
  • Avoid costly computer repairs –  get reliable advice initially.  We consider your location and who provides the best local warranties in Townsville and other areas.
  • Townsville local knowledge

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