Laptop Purchasing Advice

Laptop Purchasing Advice

Laptops are highly popular with consumers currently. Most laptops  purchased now will last about three years before you need to replace the unit. The problem is finding one that will last three years while not being outdated towards the end of its life. So, when you are deciding on a laptop either for yourself, or a family member, you might need a little bit of advice to know how to get a reliable model.

Decide on how the laptop will be used

There are so many different laptops choices available you can sure that there will be a laptop that meets the needs of your needs. If you are planning on using a for work, and you need it to works on a daily basis with complex software like digital media manipulation tools, then select one with the best hardware available. If instead you are going to use the laptop for everyday functions, like word processing, email and spreadsheets, you are unlikely to need one with the best hardware on the market, instead focus on the warranty provisions as a priority.   Not all companies will repair your computer locally.

Tech Support

Warranties is a factor most people when buying a  laptops don’t research well enough. Laptops are more failure prone leading to expensive repairs than desktop computers. Moving a computer around can increase the wear on a number of components.  Failure rates of 15% over three years is about industry standard.  When repairs are needed most consumers will need to contact the manufacturer’s tech support department to solve the problem.

As with any warranty in our society we know that not all companies will treat you equally. Companies that last year offered excellent tech support services might no longer offer the same level of service.  This is a complex problem for you to base a decision.  The only thing in reality you can do is do some background searches on the internet on consumer reports on that particular company.  Unfortunately you will normally hear most of the horror stories and those that are happy wont be bothering to comment online very often.

One thing of special importance in North Queensland is to find whether there is local repairers available or whether you will be required to send the laptop away.   Consumer law is complex, and you probably have the “right of return” to the place of purchase, but some companies will be difficult therefore knowing what sort of fight you are likely to incur is important.   In my experience Dell has had excellent local warranty tech support.

Extended Warranties

Under Australian consumer law a principle exists in that the warranty of a particular item should be for the entire normal working life of the product.  Unfortunately a number of companies have resisted this interpretation and would like the working life to be only 1 year.  There are different experiences reported by consumers in enacting the warranty above what the company originally offered.   Sometimes in life a fight is best avoided.   The easiest way to get your warranty protection for your laptop over 1 year is to purchase an extended warranty.  It is important to check the extended warranty whether the repair location changes over the extended period. Sending a laptop through a courier to Sydney is an expensive proposition.

Evaluate the laptop brand

The tech industry spends considerable money focussing on sales.   Unfortunately for consumers you might only spend a week thinking about purchasing a laptop but then 150 weeks using the laptop. It is critical that you do a thorough search of the reputation of the brand of laptop you are considering purchasing.  Gaining good information is complex and changes constantly.   A number of reviews are honest, but as you would expect a number are actually less than honest due to the advertising that occurs with the publication.   Reading multiple reviews is more likely to highlight differences of opinions and give a sense that not everything is as perfect as the manufacturer would like you to believe.

Local sources of information are best, especially the experiences of people around you that have had their laptop repaired.   The location and length of time it takes for repairs are critical pieces of information.  User reviews submitted on some sites can also assist greatly in identifying the normal user experience with the company.   Focus on the user reviews and the experiences of people around you more so than what any particular magazine reports.

Corporate or business users may be able to negotiate warranties and repair times that far exceed the normal consumer.  Your company may even be able to arrange to purchase a laptop through an internal corporate program which will provide additional support and tech options.

Good luck with the decision!