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We have been successfully supporting users in the computer industry for over 20 years.  I had my first PC desktop when I was about 12 years old, an original 8088 IBM Compatible PC.  Being an inquisitive child, I quickly learnt MS-DOS, and how to pull apart and replace components.  It wasn’t long until I had a modem and was connecting to the networks prior to the creation of the modern Townsville Computer Repairs and Technical Supportinternet.   When I was 15 I did work experience with a company that repaired computers and provider other forms of technical support to the computer industry.

This experience led me into studies in Electronic engineering where I built my own CPU and programmed the CPU using assembly language, and finally into a I.T degree.

Originally I worked for big business working with servers and large corporate infrastructure before moving to Townsville and providing computer repairs, tech support and consultancy services to staff in regional towns with theirTownsville Computer Tech Support and Computer Repair Services technology and computer issues.  The experience from fixing a computer right through to giving advice on the best technologies to buy is what we offer today to the people of Townsville. We often assisted our clients with their home computer repair issues, providing valuable insight into the needs of consumers who are not in range of the larger towns such as Townsville or Cairns.

Witnessing the struggles our clients had in getting computer repairs done under warranty and the behaviour of some of the biggest computer manufacturers towards their regional based clients has made us aware of the importance of selecting computers based on the likely experience when a computer needs repairs.  Not all manufacturing companies offer local computer repair solutions, which adds costs and time to consumers.

Our customers included people from all walks of life, from scientists right through to farm workers. We are accustomed to users that have no idea about their home computer right through to people capable of providing the computer repairs themselves with a little help.  The range of technologies and the diverse usages of the computers we supported and installed ensures we have the experience, and technical ability to help you with your particular needs.

Leaving the corporate world, we now run a local Townsville computer repair and additionally a computer consultancy business providing on site service repairs and other Townsville computer services in your home or business.






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