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Consultancy Services


Townsville Information Technology Services provides a diverse range of informational products and consultant services to aid businesses and individuals.     Technology and computing is an industry where plenty of “snake oil” is sold to consumers.   The best way to reduce your risks in the industry is getting quality professional opinions from parties external to the profit cycle.   Our business has no affiliations to any other company nor does not sell or profit from hardware.   We do this so that you will be assured that our independence is guaranteed.

Whether you want a second opinion or a range of alternate options to assist your business processes we can help.   Our business model is to either provide the information directly or be upfront and assist you in locating the right professional service that has the niche knowledge to cost effectively reduce your risks.

A few years ago I was part of a team that surveyed small business owners after the Townsville tornado event through the Garbutt area.   One of the stand out stories I heard was a business owner who rather than losing money after the event, rather had “one of my best days ever” as he had processes in place to continue some of the business operations.  With most of the competitors dealing with the damage, he had a window of opportunity where he was the sole business operating in that particular market.   Good processes lead to profits.

Hire an I.T Manager

Many small businesses cannot afford a full-time IT Manager to aid them in their technology needs.   You may waste countless hours dealing with technical information trying to sort out what equipment or services to purchase realising that you really are purchasing “blind”.   Computer repair companies often have a conflicted interest in making recommendations or lack the knowledge of your business processes to make informed decisions on your behalf.   The role of an IT Manager is often to not purchase new equipment or services, rather find methods to extend the life of existing equipment.   Our services include looking at the effectiveness, efficiency and risks associated with your technology infrastructure and providing the information within the financial constraints of the business to ensure business continuity.  A good I.T Manager brings productivity and profitability ideas to your business.


Risk Management

Risk management in technology services is to provide the following services:

  • Business continuity planning.
  • Maintaining profitability
  • Managing reliability
  • Ensuring appropriate levels of redundancy
  • Disaster planning

With risk management plans and processes your business will be able to build mitigation strategies for the areas where the cost/benefit suits your individual needs.   If your business is reliant on an internet connection for its profitability, there are methods that can provide additional redundant services to reduce the impacts of an internet outage.   The process will identify individual systems and employees that are key to your business and identify methods to maintain business output when interruptions occur.  Our consultant services are tailored to your particular needs, whether you are a sole operated business or whether you have multiple offices.


Purchasing Help

With 25 years experience in the Industry we have seen numerous examples where purchasing expensive equipment has led to wasted investment.   The disconnect between the salesman’s marketing and the actual performance and reliability of products is a common occurrence.   Utilising our services we can provide additional guidance and advice, acting as your independent voice in purchasing decision-making.   Some companies have terrible reputations for after sales service or warranty compliance.   We utilise our broad experience plus research within a network of other I.T professionals to give you additional “insider” information, significantly reducing your risks.   Furthermore with our experience we have integrated many new systems into workplaces and are acutely aware of many of the potential problems that may emerge.   Utilising a consultant is an insurance policy to reduce the effect of the salesmen pitches and marketing hype.


Data Systems

We also have extensive experience in working with different data sets and systems.  Whether you need custom reporting from existing systems or want to do some data mining of your business intelligence assets we may be able to assist.  In our previous roles we have worked with large data sets from multiple sources, combining the systems to extract useful information to assist in decision-making processes for management.   For example linking assets, finance and HR systems can lead to additional insights into areas of expenditure that may be of concern to management.   As each system is often different it is best to discuss your needs with us, rather than believing the “it can’t be done” approach.   There has been many times I have heard that it was “impossible” to extract information where in reality the “impossible” was just a lack of knowledge on how to link existing systems effectively.


Don’t know whether we can help you?  Give us a call and have a chat!


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