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 Townsville Business Technology Ideas


There are a number of mature useful technologies that we feel are not being utilised by local small businesses.  These technologies lead to savings in overheads or increased productivity.  We can offer guidance and assistance in these technologies, including cost/benefit analysis products, partnering with you in finding the right supplier for your particular needs.


Townsville business savings ideas including VOIP phone systems.



Printer consolidation and proper purchasing can lead to less overheads in your business



Electronic file search programs can dramatically increase productivity of your employees

VOIP Phone Systems for Townsville Businesses

VOIP or Internet Phones have come a long way in terms of reliability and performance since they were first released to the market.   This technology should be subject to a cost/benefit analysis for any business that is looking to make savings to overheads.   The main limiting factor to VOIP is the reliability and quality of the internet connection.  If you have a reliable high quality connection (and why don’t you?), you could remove STD phone call costs from your business, and save on the fixed monthly charges.   The fixed monthly charges for lines cost around $30 a month, therefore the yearly savings alone can be $360 per line in your business, before we add in the savings to phone calls.   With good internet connections, the phone line quality is good as, or better than fixed lines.   There is some changes to the risk profile of your business that will need to be considered, but these can be mitigated fairly easily.  Further information can be found at the Australian VoIP Guide website.


 Good Quality Business Printers

When I was involved in creating savings in overheads for offices, one of the hidden costs most of the offices experienced was the amount of money spent on printers and toner cartridges. Older printers, and low quality printers often had a cost per page around 5 cents. With good quality multifunction devices, combining photocopiers with printers, I could often get my cost per page down to 1 cents. At this stage many people wonder why I am talking about a few cents, but when you scale those savings up to a ream of paper, it results in a $20 saving per ream of paper.

Other advantages of modern multifunction printers is the ability to scan and archive electronically documents, email faxes, and email scanned documents directly. Creating an electronic copy of correspondence can lead to increased tracking and retrieval abilities of key information that is critical to your business.  A good website that compares printers is the Printer Comparison website.



 Internal Business Information Search

One of the least used productivity tools, and most important is document indexing.  A good document index program can search servers, websites, your local documents, emails and email attachments.  The programs work exactly like Google does, but on your own internal files.  You don’t have to worry about the security as the index is only available to yourself.   Imagine remembering a phrase in a document that was emailed to you a few years back, but being able to get find that document in under a second.   Without indexing tools you can spend a considerable time tracking down a vital piece of information, searching filing cabinets.   Lastly the advantage is that search indices organise the information for you.   So if you aren’t the best filer in the world, a search index can solve your problems.  Lifehacker has a page discussing some options for internal search engines.

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