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Townsville Computer Services for Businesses


We strive to meet your wider computer support needs, whether you are a consumer looking for advice, or a small business needing specific help on technology issues.  Our Townsville computer repair solutions are listed on our repair page.

Computer planning and consultancy products


By planning your technology needs we can save you money, time and ultimately increase your profits.   Our local business computer services include risk planning, disaster planning and technology reviews.   By arming yourself with the best local knowledge you will be confident that you are making the best decisions possible. Don’t buy a new computer, or other computing technologies without considering the whole of life strategy of the technology.  Some products are cheaper upfront, but will cost you as the product ages, or worsen lock you into expensive upgrades and repairs in the future.   Watch what successful larger companies are doing with their technologies, as most have been burnt by bad decisions and have learnt valuable lessons.   Consider whether local technical support is provided and the costs involved if you have to ship the product to another place for repairs.  

Computer consulting strategies for your business


Thinking of changing your technology solutions?   We can give you strategies that have helped us manage change successfully over the last 20 years.   Some projects require an understanding of the human reactions to change, and the methods that lead to better engagement in the change process.  Often we have found that the end-user becomes resentful and disengages from the change process.   Focus on what goals you have with the technology changes, and list early on what you cannot compromise in your goals.  Too often we see major software upgrades resulting in inefficiencies due to companies not keeping track of what they initially wished to achieve.   We can leverage our technology industry knowledge to pre-empt some trends and show the underlying changes that we are seeing.  Not every new concept pushed by industry will last, sometimes being cautious to business trends is justifiable.  You don’t need to believe salespeople blindly, we can give you advice suited to your needs and your business environment.

Computer consultancy products that can lead to tangible benefits.


Technology changes can cause lost productivity if not planned properly.   We all have heard the horror stories leading from expensive upgrades that fail to produce results.   Positive results stem from proper analysis and review throughout a project life-cycle and regular engagement in the development process.   Define the goals clearly and review the progress throughout delivery to make sure that the results you are purchasing actually occur.  Anticipate and fix issues before they emerge, and be ready to admit failure before wasting money on bad projects.  Draw a line in the sand on what results are considered a failure.  We can help you in these processes, working with you to providing independent and honest advice.  Our computer consultancy services allow us to act as your partner working to make sure third-party contractors perform at their best.


Our business technology savings ideas page lists some of the projects that we believe all small businesses need to consider to cut their overheads.  There are many new technologies that have matured and are now reliable that result in tangible, reliable savings for your business.

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