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Townsville Computer Repair Solutions

Our computer repair solutions are:

Computer Repairs in Townsville for Laptops and Desktop computers

  • Repair random system crashes including blue screen of death crashes
  • Repairing hardware crashes
  • Fixing system error messages
  • Repair faulty hard drives
  • Repair internet connections
  • Fix files after virus infections
Software repair services in Townsville

  • Undelete data, we can get most of it back!
  • Fixing computer boot problems
  • Repair modems
  • Fix slow access to the internet
  • Random computer crashes
  • Networking of computers
  • Repair slow computers
Townsville Computer repair tools - fixing your computer is our business

  • Installing printers and other devices on your local network
  • Backup of data
  • Mobile phone setup
  • Windows re-installation
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) networks
  • Provide advice to get the best solution
  • Malware Removal

Got a problem with your computer late a night?   Need a tech to fix it?   Shoot me a quick e-mail and I might be awake and happy to help!


Our Mission

We aim to give our customers with the best information to suit their particular needs, whether it relates to a computer repair product or general advisory solution.  Punctuality and reliable delivery of our solutions will give the platform for our customers to feel comfortable to return to our business in the future. Honest computer repair work includes not performing unnecessary fixes, or using short-term fixes without explaining the consequences to our clients.  With small businesses we realise that if the business we work with do not stay profitable we cannot be profitable. While other businesses advertise proudly that they are “geeks” we instead believe our clients prefer a real world approach that uses plain English, common sense and less jargon.  We recognise some clients are on a budget and cannot afford the latest gadgets and the most powerful computers. Computer tech support isn’t just about technology, it is about conveying meaning and value to clients.

Our Values

Honesty underpins all our work.  If your problem does not need our computer repair services we will tell our customers upfront about other options that will fix the problem.  We will not charge for work that is not necessary, nor encourage our customers to buy products that do not suit.   When a particular piece of work is outside our ability we will tell the customer and refer them to the proper computer service provider.  Advice with integrity is our motto.  Punctuality and reliability are values that we strive to provide. We are a local member of the community and will treat the community with respect.

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